Here, we are discussing some of our customer’s Frequently Asked Questions, helping you to clear your doubts.

  1. How does the Console Repairing Service works?

Console Repairing is providing excellent repair service for all types of brands, like – Sony PSP, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo, Sega, etc. and also to their respective models. You will get Postal as well as While-you-wait-We-repair service at our Console Repair Centre.

For more details, on how to get our repair service, just visit – ‘How it Works’ Page.

  1. What kinds of repairs and replacement issues are resolved at ConsoleRepairing.uk?

We fix following issues:

  • Console Freezing
  • Console Crashing / Turning Off
  • Fail to Update – problem
  • Audio – Video trouble
  • Disc drive ejection problem
  • Different Error Messages
  • Kinnect Sensor issue
  • Loud Fans
  • Hardware damage / replacement
  • Software fault / malfunction
  • Black, Green Screen display while turning on
  • Motherboard fault
  • Yellow Light of Death (YLOD)
  • Red Ring of Light (RROL)
  • Blue Light of Death (BLOD)
  • Shutdown of Console due to overheating
  • Installation / Upgardation issue, etc.


  1. What kind of spares do you use to replace parts?

We use only Grade A parts to replace all the damaged parts of all Console brands.

  1. Do you offer a warranty on replacing parts?

We do offer a 12-month warranty on all replaced parts.

  1. What locations or cities you cover in the UK?

We undertake repair service orders from all over the UK cities through a reliable and affordable Postal service. To avail this service just submit a completely filled Contact Form or request a Free Repair Quotation to us. We will contact you immediately to provide you with the Best and fastest repair procedures.

  1. Do you offer same day return policy? Or How many days it needs to fix my console?

We offer same day return policy for all types of minor and major console repair issues at our Console Repairing Centre. Only few component level repairs take more than 48 hours.

The Postal repair orders take more than 48 hours time. We start the repair procedures as quickly as possible when your device reaches our workshop. Dispatch date and time is intimated to you through an e-mail so that any changes required can be made beforehand only.

  1. If my console is having more than one fault then?

When we receive the faulty console, we first diagnose the device completely. Then we send you the estimated cost of repair as well as the replacements to be required through an email or call.

  1. What if my console found out to be “can’t be repaired or fixed” state?

In most of the cases the consoles are repaired, in rare cases it is found that the device is beyond repair. If such condition is found, then we will intimate you the complete thing and suggest you the appropriate solution.

  1. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash and online payments through Debit card, Credit card, PayPal, American Express, etc. We do not accept payments through cheque.

  1. How can I get the repair service through a postal repair order service? Or How can I post my game console to you?

After submitting a detailed filled Contact Us Form or Free Repair Quote Form to us, we will provide you with the rough estimates of repair issue and Postage Charges. When initial payments are done with, we will pick your faulty device from your place at your convenient time. We will keep you updated at every stage of the repair process throughout.

  1. Is it possible to check the status of my repair?

After payments are done, we will provide you with a reference number. This reference number can be checked with our repair centre to know about the current status.

  1. Can I get a repair service in Manchester city?

Yes. You can get a while-you-wait-we-repair service at our Console Repair Centre in Manchester.

  1. I have an imported console, can you repair it?

Yes. Our trained and experienced technicians are able to repair all types of consoles with ease.

  1. Can you repair scratched disc?

Yes, just send your scratched disc to us, we will fix this issue quickly.

If you have problem or you find that your queries are still unanswered then, just call us at 01617893355.